How using Kanbans made my life more organized and less stressful

Business vector created by katemangostar —
Business vector created by katemangostar —
Business vector created by katemangostar —

I’m a disorganized guy, during high school, I did not use a folder and would shove all my papers into my bag. This trait then traveled into college where my papers would then be shoved into my books and then again into my bag. While I may have been able to graduate this led to more stress than necessary when I could have kept track of what I needed to do and when it should have been finished by.

It was not until after school I came about the idea of kanban boards when I started to work as a…

Taking a look into an application of Linear Programming in supply chain operations

Photo by Guillaume Bolduc on Unsplash

If you’re looking for a jupyter notebook that goes a bit more in-depth check out this notebook

While some companies may not have physical goods in the world of today many still do and for these companies, it is important to not waste any materials as that means a waste of money.

We will look at a linear problem where given we have physical products and we only have a finite amount of materials to make those products, how do we maximize the amount of return we get back. …

Disclaimer: You may need to know a little bit about matrix math in order to totally understand everything written but otherwise you should be able to follow

When I say the word convex maybe flashbacks of high school Physics class come to mind with convex and concave mirrors. Even if you don’t remember it here is a visual (on the left) to help jog the memory.

Now rather talking about how the physics work for a convex mirror I’m going to be talking about what convexity is itself and the properties that define a convex set. The way we will…

Disclaimer I am still a young 22 year old fresh out of school at the time I’m writing this. Many of these things may be personal preference. Lastly, making these changes is not a simple feat and will be very frustrating to say the least

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Lover of Math and Software Engineer

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